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The Dreaded Piercing Bump

The Dreaded Piercing Bump


Feeling anxious about a scary bump on piercing?

Don’t panic, this is quite a common problem! 

As many people constantly facethe problem of the dreaded bump, we have some useful info and tips to will help!

What Is It?

A piercing bump is a soft or hard tissue lump, which has formed inside, near, around or behind the piercing.

It’s formed due to:

  • Hypertrophic scarring – a hard bump around the hole. Usually appears after 3-6 months after getting your piercing
  • Infection –  a bump caused by bacteria. Usually, it has other symptoms like redness, fever, pus-filled blister or pimple.

 So…. what is the difference?

Although bump is quite a common problem but if not seen to,  it can get quite nasty and problematic.

Why did I get this?

  1. Using a harsh cleaner. Cleaners containing alcohol dissolve a scab away, and your body produces a scar tissue instead, which creates a piercing bubble. Therefore, please only use  our suggested aftercare -available for purchase in store or here
  2. Moving, touching or rotating the jewellery. When the jewellery is constantly rotating inside the hole, it will take some time to heal and a bump will more than likely apear Rotating and pulling can happen unintentionally – like if you sleep in a weird position for example. When you sleep on your new piercing, the jewellery can be irritatedand moved, this then may cause microtrauma which would result in a bump.
  3. Lack of aftercare. Any piercing should be properly taken care of, it is, after all, a wound. Bacteria can get into the hole and the area could get infected. This usually results in a pus-filled pimple, and sometimes even bleeding. Any unsanitary environment, touching or even cosmetics can also cause an infection bump.

How do I get rid of it?

While a bump on piercings may look frightening, remember that it is completely normal. 

A piercing bump is a common side effect of a cartilage or nose piercing. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot fix it. You would need some patience, as getting rid of it may take some time.

The duration of treatment can take from 3 days to 1 month, depending on the chosen cure method, and the state of your bump.

Our silicone NO PULL piercing discs can do the trick!  It is an effective solution to prevent jewellery from moving inside the hole. You can use a NO PULL disc to prevent soft and sensitive skin tissue from irritation. The disc is made of medical-grade silicone and should be applied on jewellery to have direct contact with a bump. These little guys can heal those nasty bumps within 2-4 weeks without any additional effort from your side! 

For more information please read here 

If you suspect you may have a bump please come in store for an assessment and a piercing disc or two ….. WE GOT YOU

Til next time bbz


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