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Back to Basics

When it comes to piercings, planning and patience are your secret weapons. Contrary to popular belief, styling the perfect ear isn't just about the jewellery you choose. It comes down to a creative thought process, understanding your anatomy, and personal style.

When done right, you can elevate your style with basic, affordable pieces and still look like a million bucks.
I always recommend treating each ear as an individual blank canvas. Avoid the symmetrical look to open up styling opportunities, and do not be afraid to mix different shapes, styles, and colours.
I always recommend starting with your lobes.

While most will get their second and third lobes pierced, many forget about the stacked lobe look. To execute this look, use different sized jewellery pieces to give it dimension. Our 3mm basic surgical steel jewellery goes perfectly
with their 2mm twins (although we can not initially pierce with the 2mm). Our jewelled labrets are perfect styling options and can complement basic surgical steel labrets.

Starting from the lobes gives you time to think about your next piercing during the 4-6 weeks healing time.


From here on, I would recommend getting a mixture between upper, and lower
cartilage, Rook, and Daith. The best way to achieve a unique look is to always go through placement and styles with your piercer, and remember that good things take time. 

Be Patient and allow yourself enough healing time between every piercing, and please check with your piercer before changing your jewellery or downsizing.

Ultimately, basic jewellery pieces should not be avoided, but instead incorporated into your look.

Not only will it balance your look out but it will also save you money in the long run!

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