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Why we say NO to Piercing Guns

Why we say NO to Piercing Guns

Most of our first piercing experiences are with a piercing gun. And
luckily, we were ok! But that was back in the day… today, we know
better! And here’s why…

1. The risk of infection is higher as opposed to needle piercings.

A lot of malls will tell you that they disinfect their tools but you actually
can’t sterilize a piercing gun because parts of the gun are made of

In professional piercing stores (like ours) we use things like an auto-clave to
sterilise tools, jewellery and needles which kills ALL forms of micro-
organisms that can cause infection.

Since a piercing gun is made from plastic and would melt in an auto-clave it’s not possible to fully sterilise. Wiping a piercing gun with a disinfectant wipe just reduces the number of micro-organisms. You also stand a risk of diseases like
Hepatitis after multiple uses of a piercing guns on multiple people. This is
also just plain gross if you think about it!

When it comes to piercings on babies and young children this becomes
especially dangerous as their immune systems are much weaker making
it difficult for them to fight off infection. Think twice when piercing

2. Piercing guns cause trauma to the ear

Although it may look like the earring is sharp, it is not as sharp as a
piercing needle where the piercer is more deliberate in the way we
make the hole in your ear. A piercing with a gun forcefully jams an earring into your ear, not a needle which then causes unnecessary trauma to the tissue surrounding the hole.
When you pierce cartilage with a gun we also see problems with symmetry and the piercing ends up taking a much longer time to heal.

3. Piercing guns also only offer a ‘one size fits all’ earring

Everyone has very different anatomy and this is where we see
issues with earrings imbedding into your tissue, causing a very painful experience for the client. At all our professional studios, we have a much larger variety of jewellery and can custom fit a piercing to fit your specific anatomy. A
piercing gun only uses a single length and size of earring – so it’s
impossible to find your best fit.

Say NO to piercing guns!  (We wanna hear you) They’re unhygienic and the person using them has not been properly trained in body piercings or dealing with cross contamination (Germs YUK!)  Don’t be fooled by the cheaper pricing
either… it can have detrimental effects on your body and healing time

Finally BBZ, whe you pay for quality at a professional studio that’s exactly what you will get!

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